Day 1: August 25, 2001
Getting Started

Here are the original cast members, plus a few friends, ready to go camping. This picture is not part of the Florida trip but the car may have looked about the same when it did head toward the Sunshine State. That's Blanche with the puppy on her lap and her father, Frank, on her left. Gertrude is at the far left of the picture. I'm thinking that this was taken after the 18th amendment was ratified but before it became law. So, even if those are beer bottles they're holding, they are, I have no doubt at all, perfectly legal. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Granny's Letters:

This is part of the current crew ready to travel. That's my sister & step-mom looking for the rear seat and my dad all set to navigate. Uncle Eldon was also there to see us off but, although he was drafted for some photographer duties, we somehow missed getting his picture.

From Woodington, the small caravan had a pleasant cruise through Greenville. Here's a shot of the Darke County court house and one of folks attending the last day of the Great Darke County Fair. Dad and the others turned back at Castine and I headed on solo.

Another court house, the unusual octagon topped Butler County version in Hamilton. The log cabin dates from 1804 but not in its current location by the Great Miami River. It was moved here after being donated by its 57th(!!!) owner. From there it was on to Millville and lunch.

Here are a couple of Cincinnati landmarks that were present when Frank and Gertrude passed through. Music Hall and the Roebling suspension bridge. Although they probably drove across this classic bridge they did not have to negotiate the maze created by a sports arena, a football stadium, and 1 & 1/2 baseball parks.

Chris joined me in Cincinnati and we managed to visit a few of Granny's places before night fall. The teepee was some sort of marketing gimmick. The stone building was one of several in a complex that looked as if its better days must have been interesting ones. This particular building had been a Shell station.

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