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The Ford Model T that appears on the Prev & Next buttons on the daily pages is owned by my Uncle Dean. This is not the same vehicle that made the Florida journey but Granddad did once own it and it provided the inspiration for some of Granny's best poems.

I remember it in Granddad's driveway and believe I even rode in it a time or two. That was quite a few years ago and the car looked a little different then. The color was the same but definitely not the shine. At least part of the paint job I remember had been applied with a brush and I suspect the paint itself had originally been marketed for dwellings rather than motorcars. There were a few missing pieces of trim and one or two broken light lenses.

The car did not come directly to Dean from Granddad's driveway. Granddad had sold it, for $100, in 1953 and it sat idle, in a barn, for the next twenty years. Dean was aware of the car's location and, in 1973, convinced the owner to part with it for a respectable profit on his hundred dollars. Another twenty years passed before the car reached its current "better than new" condition. The actual restoration was instigated by Dean's wife, Arlene, and performed by the husband of one of Frank & Gertrude's great-granddaughters.

Aside from refinements in finish, the car probably looks just as it did when it was new. Henry Ford stood by his "any color as long as it's black" dictate until 1926, the year this car was built. Part way through the year, he started making maroon Fordors along with green Coupes and Tudors. Even more body colors were available the following year but, through it all, every Model T fender was black.

I have used the photograph for my own wallpaper and have made it available in a few sizes for any others who would like to do the same.

Click on desired size then, after
picture loads completely, right click
on picture and select "Set as Wallpaper".

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