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Putting together the background information for this trip gave rise to a number of questions. Most have been answered but not all. I'm guessing that I just haven't asked the right people or looked in the right place.

This page contains open questions in hopes that visitors will know something I don't. Please email any answers or clues you might have and I'll share them here and incorporate them elsewhere if I can. If other questions pop up during the trip, I'll put them here, too. I would also welcome answers to questions I haven't yet asked or corrections to any I've gotten wrong.

1. Did Granny vote? The first presidential election in which women were able to exercise their right to vote took place two days before Frank & Gertrude left home. I would have guessed that Granny voted but there is no reference to it in any of the letters.
2. Did Granddad fly? We know they did not indulge themselves in a frivolous flight in Florida but what about later? A grandson-in-law had his own plane and there were probably other opportunities as well but I don't know if he was ever in an airplane.
3. Who was Jessner Johnson? Granny mentions getting a "spray of fern" from his grave at Arlington. Was he known to her as a relative, friend, or hero or did she just happen on his grave and pass the details on to us?

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