Day 3: Sep 7, 2003
Fly Away Home



Today was mostly about getting to the airport and heading home but I've included it anyway. The Best Western is where I spent the night and the room there was the first one I can remember where I parallel parked at its door. The motel had a tie-in with the Gold Nugget across the street so that you could get $2 off on breakfast. Even without the price break, I imagine that the Nugget would have been the preferred place for breakfast. Dinner last night was unremarkable but enjoyable . There are several restaurants and taverns along the street that looked worth visiting when more time and energy are available.

The motel is next to the Hassayampa River and this well and drinking fountain is almost directly across the street. The Hassayampa Legend claims that anyone drinking this water will "never tell the truth again." Seems like a good place for a sales convention or college of marketing.

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