Day 2: April 26, 2009
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When I ended yesterday's post with a promise to do better on the photographs, I really meant it. Nonetheless, it didn't work out that way and another promise lies broken. I did complete one planned task and that was getting some interior shots of my room at the Shaker Inn. The room was a legitimate "single" with a double bed, one chair, etc. Other rooms had king beds & more room and I suppose I should have photographed one of them. But, although I'm reasonably forward about taking pictures, I haven't quite mastered walking up to a couple's motel door with camera in hand and asking "Mind if I take some pictures?" I did, however, hear that everyone liked their rooms and I certainly liked mine.

This is the only picture I took between leaving the motel and starting the tour at the sign museum. I'm posting it primarily to give me a place to try explaining why it's the only picture I took between leaving the motel and starting the tour at the sign museum. As lead car, I suppose I was distracted somewhat by trying for a 1:00 arrival at the museum but I'm sure the biggest reason was my familiarity with the area. Lots of picture worthy items flew by under my radar. I did feel a little guilty for a moment but the moment was soon past. Others were more observant with more responsive shutter fingers and I'm thinking that both Chris & Jennifer will have photos online before long.

So, since I can't show you the pre-museum activities, I'll just have to tell you. We decided yesterday that we wouldn't really try to coordinate breakfast and we didn't. I reached the Breakfast Club about the same time as the Rowlands and Don and about the same time they filled the last table and started a waiting list. The four Rowlands were seated at a six-top and invited Don & me to use the two spare seats. The others decided to skip the crowd and some, at least, skipped breakfast completely. Last night's Golden Lamb dinner made that easy to do. Having learned that Sharonville, a community we'd be passing through, was holding their big annual car show today, we decided to allow ourselves enough time to check out part of the show if convenient parking was found. It wasn't and we didn't. Instead, we entered the museum parking lot with about two hours to spare. That wasn't a sudden discovery, of course, but I could not think of a two hour diversion that I felt safe so I simply headed to the museum with thoughts of a parking lot conference. The conference produced a couple of plans and one of them actually worked. We spent our surplus time on the Kentucky side of the river under the suspension bridge. When one of the Newport Ducks came by, I took my single picture. Jennifer, Chris, & Kent took many more.

Back at the museum, forum members Bob & Susan Reynolds and Kevin Reddin met us along with Chris' parents. The group now numbered 15 people from 6 states (MO, IL, IN, OH, KY, TN) and museum founder Tod Swormstedt treated us to a wonderful tour. I did take several pictures in the museum but most were to document something for myself rather than for this site. The website gets these two of Tod. The second picture shows the gas powered sign that just might be my favorite piece in the museum.

Plans are progressing on moving the museum to its new larger space. The new location will also be more prominent. Cincinnati is very lucky to have the museum here and I'm among those who hope the increased visibility will translate to increased support. The American Sign Museum is a real treasure.

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