Day 1: Apr. 22, 2004
Expressway South



As the weekend approached, weather reports seemed worse and worse. By departure time, the threatened rain was here. Even though the top had been down when I last pulled into the garage, it would obviously be going up before I pulled out.

The rain increased and, as planned, we headed south on the expressway. We settled back for a wet boring ride but there were surprises on the way. The rain faded away and the sky grew clearer. Eventually it became quite clear and, although I couldn't really see them Chris was entertained by a bright crescent moon, several planets, and a few meteors. I got a glimpse when we stopped for gas and a better view after we reached Wigwam Village #2. The meteors were almost certainly part of the Lyrids shower but we're not entirely sure of which planets appeared. Venus & Mars were surely there and, based on a recently heard comment, we believe Saturn was also part of the show. In fact, one of the players seemed to flicker through shades of green, red, and blue and we think that may have been Saturn. Maybe we can figure it out later.

Like lots of Cincinnati folks who traveled south with their parents, Chris remembered often passing the teepees but never stopping there. Tonight she finally gets to stay and is delighted.

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