Day 4: Feb. 29, 2004
Land Ho!



This has been my resting place for the last three nights. Eighteen inches of headroom, a dark blue curtain, and a shower just up one ladder. What more could you want? There are ladders everywhere. This vertical one seems to go straight to the bottom of the ship and is off limits to Tigers. No complaints from me.

Dress blues were required on everyone not actually on duty. One of the other Tigers got all the dressed-up journalists to pose with her for a picture. She asked me to snap it so I got in one with my own camera, too. That's Rich, Jason, Rebekah, Danny, Misty, Tiger Leslie, Rachael, and Fletcher. If that image isn't inspiring enough, here's a shot of the Public Affairs quote board.

Here is another inspiring scene that civilians do not often see from this side. I did not hear any estimate but I'm sure the crowd was in the thousands.

The hangars were filled with sailors anxious to hit the shore but the exodus was reasonably orderly. Even with a previous sighting aided by cell phone contact, locating wife & child took a little time but not too much. Soon enough, Kayla, Big & Little Fletch, and Adventure Bear were once again together.

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