Day 5: Mar. 1, 2004
A Welcome Home Day



There were a few "now that you're here" errands to be handled but most of the day was to be low key and fun. A visit to the zoo seemed a good idea so that's where we headed. A map was provided at the entrance and it wasn't long before we were following our guide in search of wild animals.

And we found plenty of them. At one point our guide had to stare down a tiger but the trek was otherwise without incident.

From the zoo, we headed to the water front for lunch. A very pleasant place with several shops and restaurants and even a museum. The museum has a battleship (USS Wisconsin) attached but we did not feel the need to climb on onto a big gray military boat just yet.

In Norfolk, the pigs of Cincinnati and the horses of Amarillo become mermaids. Here are a few from near the waterfront. They've been there a few years so have a few signs of wear.

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