Day 6: Mar. 2, 2004
In Transit



The Newport News train station was actually rather busy with every seat in the small waiting room filled and several people waiting outside by the tracks. A welcome change from my recent air travel experience was the fact that the train arrived and departed right on schedule.

Another welcome difference from flying was the large comfortable seats. There are even AC outlets so I was able to catch up a little on this web site without draining the laptop battery. There was not a lot of great scenery and what there was was normally when we at speeds which were not conducive to good photos. The train did slow down or stop in the towns and stations and it went right through the center of this college town. The Fredericksburg station is typical of those along the route. The ride ended at Union Station - a really big and really busy operation.

Without leaving Union Station, I boarded a Metro train and headed to Virginia. The Crystal City station is just a few blocks from my motel so it wasn't long before I was in my room and ready to relax. I had picked the Americana over the internet and found it exactly as described. Old enough and small enough to seem almost out of place next to a high-rise Embassy Suites, the motel appeared well maintained & clean and was reasonably priced. Restaurants, shops, and a Metro station are within walking distance and that was at least as important as price in selecting the motel.

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