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Day 1
The Show

Day 2
A Man of Leisure

Day 3
Back on the National Road

November 24, 2009 (day 3)
After an overnight in Vandalia, Illinois, I drove the National Road to near the Indiana line then, as night moved in, turned to the expressway to get home.

November 23, 2009 (day 2)
Retired for all of a week now, I enjoyed my first ever Monday on the road that was neither a holiday nor a charged vacation day. I used it rolling down (mostly) the 1926-1930 alignment of US-66 and stopping in some familiar places. That holiday & vacation pay was nice but I can get used to this.

November 22, 2009 (day 1)
It was all expressway driving though I did manage a look at some log cabins before the packed show opened at the Cozy Dog.

Prelude - November 19, 2009
A route 66 icon is nearing the end of his life. Diagnosed with colon cancer about ten years ago, Bob Waldmire let the disease run its course and that course is just about over. He has no regrets. That's what he says and he is one of the few people that you're likely to believe that of. He's an artist, a promoter of Route 66, and a hippy. He enjoyed living his life the way he chose and, in doing that, has added some enjoyment to the lives of folks who didn't have the courage, or the talent, or the conviction to do what he has done. I've met Bob several times but my conversations with him have not been long or insightful. They are, however, among my most cherished. There's a nice article on Bob here.

Rather than wintering in Arizona, as he usually does, Bob is now in Springfield, Illinois, spending his final days around family and friends. On November 22, some of Bob's work will be displayed at the Cozy Dog, the restaurant his father founded and which his sister still runs. I intend to be there although I don't quite know what to expect. Route 66 News has a nice report on the show and a link to the flyer Bob prepared for the occasion. It urges "Come as you are - leave different". I have a feeling that that is unavoidable.

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