Day 5: December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas

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This may seem an odd way to start Christmas Day but I had heard that the Occupy Nashville protesters were not moving out for the holidays so thought I'd take a look. I knew of Bicentennial Park, north of the capitol and shown in the second picture, and half expected the protesters to be there. Instead, they were in Victory Park on the capitol's south side and near the state Christmas tree. Squeaky Ginger has always been something of a rebel and the Occupy movement really appeals to her. She immediately ran off to join the protesters.

Most but not all of the businesses on Broadway were closed. More planned to open around 6:00 for the evening. The lack of crowds allowed me to get a picture of all the Honky Tonks with the Ryman and the Batman building behind them. Now that is Nashville.

The only place open early with live music was Legends Corner where Buck McCoy was putting on quite a show. He's a very talented fellow and so were the guys playing behind him. Lots of solid music wrapped up in sometimes solid comedy. When Buck asked for a lady to join him in a duet, by purest coincidence, it was his own wife who ended up beside him. She's quite talented, too. Billy Hank Ginger even got to sing a song with Buck and it felt so good he's staying in Nashville to polish his voice and get his career rolling.

These parting shots of Broadway and Second Street were taken around 5:00 when I headed off for dinner. There wasn't much available in the immediate area. I ended up several miles away at Calhoun's which claims to serve the "Best Ribs in America". I doubted the claim but thought I'd give them a try. Being just about the only place open, Calhoun's was extremely busy but I found a spot at the bar. When the bartender went to key in my order he discovered they had just run out of ribs. I settled for pulled pork which was pretty good though, in my opinion, not the best in America. I very much enjoyed the meal but now doubt that ribs claim even more.

Today's background is the whiskey barrel tree at Jack Daniel's distillery.

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