Day 3: December 24, 2012
Misty for Me

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Breakfast is now included with all cabins and is served as a buffet as long as the number of "passengers" warrants it. That is definitely the case now with 30+ cabins rented due, at least in part, to GroupOn style promotion for what is normally a rather slow time. I believe there were only three or four cabins occupied during my Christmas stay in 2010.

The wisdom of my decision to visit Point Park yesterday rather than today has become apparent. Rain fell about 9:00 last night and today is misty, damp, and gray. I walked up to Frazier Street but found little open and not much activity. I took pictures of a some dance instructions that I haven't shown before and of the Walnut Street pedestrian bridge. The bridge just isn't the same without a snowman.

Here's a daytime picture of the aquarium across the river. If you're not familiar with it, it was probably hard to visualize from last night's picture in the dark.

I made two excursions in the car. The first was to a grocery. I had chatted with some fellow passengers about Aretha Frankenstein's which had already been recommended to them by a friend. This morning they headed home to Huntsville, Alabama, with plans to drive by the restaurant with the intention of at least buying some pancake mix. I told them that I had been able to buy just two boxes on Sunday because the other two boxes on the shelf had been promised to someone who had just telephoned. Unless the inventory had been replenished overnight, they would probably be disappointed. I'd given them a card and they sent an email mid-morning telling me they had secured the mix at a nearby grocery. I followed up on that and, with the exceptional help of a couple of Bi-Lo employees, bought a case. There will be belated Christmas presents.

The second outing was for dinner. I returned to Tony's, the site of my 2010 Christmas Eve meal. The food was once again excellent but, since a picture of this year's tortellini would have looked a lot like that year's ravioli, didn't bother. It was quite foggy when I left the restaurant and headed directly to the boat for a quiet evening.

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