Day 4: December 25, 2012
Christmas Day

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Christmas morning got off to a pretty foggy start though things were starting to clear by the time I finished breakfast. The sky remained gray, however, and there was some occasional drizzle. I saw the sun not at all.

I spent much of the day lounging and reading on the boat but did manage a stroll through Coolidge Park near noon. The temperature had reached about 50 degrees and the air stayed pretty much dry during my walk.

Here's some evidence of how things have changed in two years. In 2010, there was almost no one else on the boat on Christmas Day and no food or drink service other than breakfast. Some restaurants in downtown did open in the evening and I had Christmas dinner at an Irish pub. This year there were people around all day and a really nice buffet of which I have only this lousy picture.

My journal for that 2010 Chattanooga Christmas included a pointer to what I called "the perfect soundtrack to this snowy day". The music here might not be totally perfect for today but it's close and the best I got.

Today's background is the wreath hanging on the door of my Delta Queen cabin.

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