Day 3: December 25, 2015
Merry Christmas

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The female statue, which I can partially see from the windows in my room, is a memorial to journalist Juliet Strauss who was instrumental in getting Turkey Run established as a state park. A memorial to Richard Lieber, another key figure in the park's history, is just past a log church that sits a short distance up a gently sloping trail. Even though the trail itself is officially classified as "easy", signs warn -- quite accurately -- of "dangerous cliffs" nearby.

I next set out on a "moderate/rugged" trail but followed it only as far as the suspension bridge and think I turned off ahead of the "rugged" part. Across the bridge, I picked up another "moderate" trail that initially followed the river bank but eventually turned away and headed higher. I took the fourth picture after I'd decided I had enough and had already descended a bit. Wooden steps, which I had climbed up, were waiting for me to climb down them at the end of the graveled slope. I was, after recrossing the bridge and walking the remaining half-mile plus back to the inn, moderately tired.

Though not extraordinary, the buffet was quite good. Ham, chicken, roast pork, and so on. I believe all three seatings were sold out or nearly so. Somehow a buffet in a rustic state park inn seems entirely wholesome when compared to feeding the family via the McDonald's drive-through.

The absolutely full moon occurred here a little after 6:00 AM today but it was hidden by clouds. The best I can do is an almost full (99.6%, waning gibbous) moon from tonight.

The Frost of Christmas Past: Facebook has recently taken to dredging up posts from our pasts and reminding us of them. They're sometimes worth a chuckle or even a moment's reflection but seldom more. Today was an exception. This morning I was reminded of a photo that I not only shared (again) on Facebook but which I'm sharing (again) here. I remember taking the picture on Christmas morning in 2010 aboard the Delta Queen as she served as a stationary hotel in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For the first time in forty-one years, snow was falling on Christmas Day in Chattanooga. The lone table in the undisturbed snow caught my eye as soon as I stepped around the corner. The converging and continuing straight lines that make this photo one of my favorites revealed themselves more slowly. The only hints of Christmas are the tiny stockings hanging on the cabin doors but somehow that seems right, too. I invite everyone to revisit that rare snowy Chattanooga Christmas from five years ago.

Today's background contains the Christmas tree in the Turkey Run Inn's main lobby. It's also the tree shown in yesterday's last photo. A link to a musical video appeared in my news feed yesterday. I was already considering using it for this year's recommended soundtrack and when Facebook's memory jogger showed up this morning I knew there was no other choice. It's a DELTA QUEEN Christmas!

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