Day 2: December 24, 2016
Gray Plus

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Just like yesterday I'm again headed east on a gray US-50 except now it's wet, too.

A few miles east of Athens I turn north on OH-690. The rain comes and goes and is never heavy. The temperature is in the forties but the rain makes it seem colder. I eventually turn onto Malta Hill Road and descend into the town of Malta. Then it's across the Muskingum River and into McConnelsville on a 1913 bridge.

My destination was the Blue Bell Diner where I enjoyed a Blue Bell omelet. It's a comfortable place with good food and plenty of regular customers being greeted by name.

I left McConnelsville on OH-78 and a newer bridge. I'm now on the lower half of the Morgan County Scenic Byway and driving what has been nicknamed "Rim of the World". Although it's nearly impossible to capture them in photos, there really are some long ranging views here on clear days. Not so much though on rainy foggy days. I didn't realize it until I reached the end of the byway, but one of the main things I remember from my 2005 Morgan County drive, the bucket from the Big Muskie, is on the other half of the byway.

The entrance to Burr Oak State Park is at the south end of the Morgan County Scenic Byway. The lodge is about a mile inside the park. The middle two photos are of holiday decorations in the lobby. The last photo is the view from my room. The view of my room is here.

I opted to go into Nelsonville for dinner. Someday I need to get some photos of the stamped metal interior walls of the 1848 building housing The Mine Tavern but this wasn't the day. I did get a very good 'burger though.

Back at the lodge the lights were lit and I don't doubt that a few stockings were hung with care. Mine got tossed on the floor.

To all a good night.

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