Day 4: December 24, 2017
Saint Simons Island

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As I headed over to Saint Simons Island, Roadside America alerted me to the existence of the Tree Spirits but I need some online assistance to find any. I only checked in on these two but there are supposedly more than twenty.

There's a ton of shops and restaurants here but I was neither hungry nor needy. I enjoyed walking through the waterfront park and watching folks on the pier.

At some level I know that Georgia was founded by James Oglethorpe and that it was one of the thirteen original states but I tend to associate it more with the Civil War than the Revolutionary War. One of the earliest settlements was here on Saint Simons Island. Between 1736 and 1749 Fort Frederica and its associated village stood near the border between English and Spanish colonies. I was surprised at the number of foundations that have been excavated. There are more here, here, and here. The riverside structure was the magazine and sally port for the earthen fort. A 1904 plaque on one of its walls identifies it as the fort's citadel. The second structure is the gate to the barracks. A square wooden structure housed as many as 100 men. Something permitted by the southern climate that I thought unusual (and cool) is the display of artifacts near where they were found. That is true of some things found around the barracks.

Back in the business district, I picked out a place for an early dinner but changed my mind when I saw that it would be open on Christmas Day. I decided to save it and headed for my second choice. As I sat down at the bar, I was told the kitchen was closing soon. So soon, in fact, that I was too late. So I ended up with the shrimp special at Iguanas. Don't be put off by te fact that this was my third choice. The shrimp was really good.

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