Easter Weekend 2009 Locator map


Day 1
Lost in Cleveland

Day 2
Tub Time in Alliance

Day 3
Home Through Amish Country

April 12, 2009 (day 3)
Today's drive was a pleasant one if not an exciting one. I really like parts of US-62, including some I drove today, but I saw little that was new. I'm home and ready to sleep.

April 11, 2009 (day 2)
I saw a wall of signs, a walkway of fish, and an avenue of flags on the way to a Hot Tub show. You can see the signs, fish and flags anytime; The Hot Tub is becoming rare.

April 10, 2009 (day 1)
I hit a Speed Trap in the morning and got lost in the afternoon. But, in between, I got to spend some time with the Boss so it's OK.

Prelude - April 6, 2009
Some may recall that, in 2007, I made a couple of trips that included performances by the Patrick Sweany Band. In May, a show in Dover preceded a drive of the Ohio & Erie Canalway and a show in West Virginia was part of getting to a book signing in Pittsburgh. Well. I'm going to do it again. At that show in Dover, I learned that Patrick sometimes performed solo and sometimes his dad accompanied him on wash tub bass. I'm adding both to my experience. Last night, April 5, a solo Patrick opened for Paul Thorn at the Southgate House and I was there. Next Saturday, he and his father will be performing in Alliance, Ohio. I'd been looking for a target for the three day Easter weekend. Alliance, by way of Cleveland and the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, it is.

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