In 1999, I undertook a drive along the length of Historic U.S. Route 66. I had been splashed with a bit of HTML from our company web site and the idea of maintaining a web site from the road started to form as plans for that trip developed. Neither the trip nor the web site were perfect but both were a lot of fun.

That web site proved its worth in a variety of ways. The initial posting mentioned "getting some experience" and "to let our friends and family glimpse a little of this caper" as justification for the site and it certainly met those goals. But not all benefits of the site were as clearly anticipated.

I had "announced" the site to a couple of news group style audiences and a number of strangers sent notes as the trip progressed. There was plenty of encouragement and messages of the "wish I was there" variety. When we talked to people along the way, telling them of the web site added a fun twist to the conversation and provided another type of connection. At one stop, a couple who had been following events on the site, came up to meet me for just that reason. In the time since the trip ended, I've mentioned the site in several conversations that touched on places visited during the journey or discussed travel in general. It lets people who want to hear your story do so and lets others ignore you without being blatant about it.

I hope to repeat that experience with other trips and that is pretty much what this site is about. There are lots of side roads I hope to sometime travel and places I hope to visit. Some of those, I will share.

Each excursion appears as a sort of "sub-web site". Each has its own "Trip Home" as well as containing links to the "Site Home". The "sub-webs" will, for the most part, be independent. I will not alter older trips to match the appearance of newer ones and I do not expect to have very many cross links. Of course, there will be exceptions. Clicking on any of the small pictures will yield a larger, and often more complete, version of that picture

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