Faux Fight at Franklin  

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Day 1
Music City Luck

Day 2
No Luck Today

Day 3
A Sad Sight on the Dixie

November 17, 2014 (day 3)
There was a tiny bit of snow on the ground as I headed home but the precipitation had pretty much ended. I stopped at both familiar and unfamiliar places and saw for myself the irreparable fire damage at the Horseshoe Camp Cabins north of Bowling Green.

November 16, 2014 (day 2)
The thing I came to see didn't happen. The reenactment of the Battle of Franklin was canceled due to rain. Then I got to the Bluebird too late for a seat. Bummer but could be worse.

November 15, 2014 (day 1)
I've intended to go to the Battle of Franklin Reenactment for a couple of weeks but I had no plan for doing so. The reenactment is scheduled for Sunday afternoon and I even considered hitting the road early that morning and driving directly from home to the battlefield. That didn't really sound like much fun so on Thursday I booked a room halfway between Nashville for Saturday and Sunday nights and my planning was done. I made a one item to do list (Johnny Cash Museum), picked a possible spot for breakfast, and hit the road midmorning Saturday. It turned out to be a good day that ended with a surprise listen to one of my musical favorites.

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