Day 1: January 27, 2012
A New Plane Wrapper
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I left home shortly before noon with the temperature in the mid 30s. A respectable breeze and a little moisture in the air made it feel colder. Even though there isn't really much of a schedule, this trip is starting with more of an emphasis on destination than journey. That means sticking to expressways and that means a lot of I-75. It's hardly exciting but I-75 is somewhat scenic through southern Kentucky and Tennessee. A lane closure for some tree trimming caused this big slowdown about ten miles above the Tennessee line.

I did slip off of the expressway briefly to take a look at the Powell Airplne. Restoration has been slow for this 1930 gas station so I was surprised and delighted to see the building almost entirely covered in new galvanized steel. A matching grant has enabled some work to move forward including the new skin. I was quite fortunate in catching Brian Christian as he prepared to leave for the day. Brian is a professional carpenter specializing in restoring old houses and, as a volunteer, has done much of the work on the airplane. He even let me inside where a whole new floor has been built and a lot of rotting wood replaced. That third picture is looking forward into the nose. The ladder is lying on the sloping floor. This was my fourth documented visit and you can see the progress from 2004, 2006, and 2008.

I first heard of this place on NPR. The Canadian author of a book about the I-75 corridor was being interviewed and his description of Marietta Diner (warning: music) caught my interest. When I realized that Marietta was pretty much the half way mark on this drive, I Googled the diner and found the video of Diner, Drive-Ins, and Dives visit. Watching that convinced me that I absolutely had to stop and I absolutely had to have the pastichio. Wonderful!

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