Day 4: January 30, 2012
A Wee Bit O' Dixie Loop
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I was a bit more restrained in attacking the fruit today and managed a mug shot before doing it in.

A section of the Dixie Highway Tampa-St. Petersburg Loop passed just a couple hundred yards north of where Eldon lives and we decided to see what we could see. The road that connects with the western end of the segment passes this University of Florida experimental orange grove. It looks to me like the experiment is going quite well.

The first two shots were taken facing west. The paved road is signed Old Haines City - Lake Alfred Road but DeLorme calls it Old Dixie Highway. It crosses the railroad right behind where I stood to take the picture. We took a look at the strip of sand between the railroad and the pavement but believe that, even though it has obviously been driven on, it is a simply a gas line service road and not a DH remnant. The third picture is facing east a little over a mile east of the crossing.

A note on Robert Droz's site contains a note saying "There is a very rough dirt path under US 27... ...not recommended for most vehicles." That note is no newer than 2005 and that path is now fenced in. The first two pictures are from the west end and the third from the east.

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