Day 4: November 21, 2004
Some Motels & Breakfast



I left Nashville early enough that I decided to take US-31W to Bowling Green. That meant I stayed with US-41 a little longer since the two routes share pavement until just north of Goodlettsville. There are many older motels along this stretch and I snapped pictures of a few. Some are closed and a few more probably should be but others seem to be doing decent business.

Seeing a number of cars parked around a restaurant clued me into the fact that was a good place for breakfast. Very nicely priced, too.

I know I took some pictures of this landmark just south of Bowing Green when Chris & I came through here in 2001 but apparently I did not post them. Here are a couple from today.

I made a quick stop at the National Corvette Museum to see what was new and to check out any C6s sitting around. There were five coupes waiting for museum delivery to their owners and a silver convertible just for looking at. I don't recall seeing this autographed sign before but I may have.

I took the express route, I-65 to I-71, home from the museum. Uneventful.

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