Day 1: April 20, 2012
Out of Ohio
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I've found the Emerald Diner open on three different occasions with three different owners. I was last here on Groundhog Day Eve in 2010. Ron & Carolyn have owned it since the following summer. On each visit the food has been good, the staff efficient & friendly, and the operation seemingly successful but, for some reason. the owners never wait around for me to come back.

In 2010, after eating at the Emerald, I passed through Brookville, Pennsylvania, on the way to Punxsutawney. This year I planned to spend the night there. My early departure from home meant an early arrival in Brookville so I had some time to kill before checking in to the motel. I cruised on past the motel and on to historic downtown. Two of the storefronts in the 1886 Marlin Opera House Block are occupied by a drug store and a soda fountain. Once upon a time, the drug store had a soda fountain near its entrance but that's been gone a long time. After that fountain disappeared, a gift shop next door built a soda fountain in the back. About thirteen years ago, a couple purchased both stores and connected them. Once again there is a soda fountain in the drug store although it is on the other side of the wall. A root beer float fueled my walk to the Jefferson County History Center in the next block which is filled with nice displays and nice people but no photos were allowed inside.

The "EAT WELL... SLEEP for LESS" sign qualifies as one of the most honest I've ever seen. Reviews of the restaurant at The Golden Eagle Inn are almost universally good while reviews of the sleeping accommodations are mixed. Though good, the restaurant wasn't quite as good as I expected. On the other hand, the motel was better than I feared. I suspect those negative reviews came from people who do no stay in $40 motels very often. I thought my room was just fine.

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