Day 5: April 24, 2012
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Rain was only a memory as I made a couple of stops in Plymouth, Massachusetts. The National Monument to the Forefathers is the largest granite sculpture in the United States and it certainly is impressive. Mayflower II, an exact replica of the original Mayflower, is impressively small. It's bigger than the monument but quickly shrinks when you start thinking about spending two months on it in the middle of the Atlantic with about 130 other people. The Forefathers monument was dedicated in 1889. The Mayflower II crossed the Atlantic in 1957. The structure in the third photo was erected in 1920. I had to look up some of those dates but no research at all is needed to find the important date for the object sheltered by that 1920 structure.

There were once lots of lighthouses on Cape Cod and there still are quite a few. The first picture is of Nauset Light. The door was open and a nearby workman didn't stop me as I stepped inside so I climbed the stairway after taking a picture of it. At the top, I was informed, in a most friendly manner, that I wasn't supposed to be there so I climbed back down -- after snapping just one photo through the small circular window.

The fourth photo is of the Three Sisters who once sat near where the Nauset Light does now. They have been moved about a third of a mile inland and are maintained as an exhibit. The last picture is of the Highland Light taken from the seaward side.

I'm not sure where US-6 switches from "active" to "historic" but I did see a couple of these signs near Provincetown. The large brown sign in the second picture was the last mention of US-6 I saw. I continued on to MA-6A and entered Province town from the west even though the road at this point may have no name. It felt good to be out of the rain.

This is Aerie House, my home for the next couple of nights. The first shot is from the deck atop one part of the house and the second is looking back at the house when I set out on a walkabout. I'll have some pictures of my room tomorrow.

A couple of beach shots taken from the parking lot of a church near the water.

This is probably the best restaurant in town, The Mews. It's almost directly in front of the Aerie Guest House although you have to walk around a couple of short blocks to get there. The Aerie keeps their own set of visitor reviews and The Mews tops the list in both number of visits and rating. Its nearness and the fact that one of the Aerie owners identifies it as favorite may have something to do with that but certainly not everything. At first I feared this might be just a little too much class for me. Maybe it is but it's also very comfortable and I enjoyed the place and the meal. It isn't very large and the four window tables were filled with folks who probably didn't want their pictures taken. I took a shot of the empty area (which filled up soon after) then, when a couple left, I slipped in a window shot before the next party was seated. I'm ending with a picture of my meal even though it arrived long before I took the water side picture. It's cod with a light covering of what the menu describes as "seasoned Japanese bread crumbs". When eating crumbs, I've never been concerned with the country of origin but I must admit those were some mighty fine crumbs. The meal, the service, and the setting were all excellent. Not cheap but not ordinary.

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