Day 1: March 23, 2017
Floating in a Tin Can

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I saw a little more of this view than planned but it all worked out well. A few minutes before we should have been pulling away from our dock at the Dayton airport, the captain announced that we needed a reset. Some cockpit display was not working and, just as you would for any other misbehaving electronic device, they were going to try powering it off. The whole plane. So the plane went silent and dark for a bit then the pilot announced that, just as it sometimes does for your phone or laptop, it didn't work. The planes's GPS unit was the problem and, after some more attempts at revival, it was decided to forego technology and fly by visual landmarks. This meant a slightly different path so we waited just a little while longer for some revised paperwork then headed into the sky.

The hour or so delay in taking off and what I guess was a slightly longer flight path pretty much ate up what I expected to be a nearly two hour layover in Denver. My flight out was starting to board as we landed but, following a flight attendant's announcement, passengers without tight connections remained in their seats while those of us with scurried off. I made my connection with no problem though I'm not sure everyone did.

The next stop was Los Angeles and as I continued west it occurred to me that, other than circling to land at San Diego, I had never flown over the Pacific. Now I have. Bye, bye, California.

And less than six hours later I arrived in Honolulu. Clouds prevented a view of Diamond Head so I'm substituting a shot of the Punchbowl with its National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.

We actually landed several minutes ahead of schedule and even with a fair amount of time spent getting my checked bag the prearranged shuttle got me to the Ohana Waikiki East around 6:30. I spent a little time in my room and took a couple of picture from the small balcony before heading out for dinner. It was now getting dark and the already crowded streets seemed to be getting ready for the night. I walked around the block before ending up back at a restaurant next to the hotel. I ordered a beer and started looking over the menu as it struck me that I had no more time targets for the day. It was a little before 8:00 PM local time which converted to 2:00 AM Cincinnati time. I'd been up since 5:00 AM. Twenty-one hours that, while hardly strenuous, most of those hours had been filled with a need to hit the trip's next checkpoint. I wasn't sleepy and I wasn't really hungry but I sure was tired. I finished my beer, paid out, and headed to my room and my bed.

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