Day 5: March 27, 2017
Oahu Road Trip #2

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I realize this isn't a whole lot of pictures for a full day of driving around Oahu but I can explain. It started with breakfast. I went to Times Coffee Shop (which Tom recommended for a loco moco and which was closed when I got there yesterday) and, even though I got a picture of my meal, I forgot to get one of the restaurant. Having no firm plans for the day, I was sort of heading toward the southeast part of the island when I thought I about a gentle hike that another friend (Brian T) suggested. I didn't have it in the GPS but remembered it was on the northwest corner. I did have the Polynesian Cultural Center in the GPS and, thinking of it as being middle-north, figured I would just drive there and head west. Of course that meant that I was initially following the same route as yesterday and, even though the beaches were slightly less crowded, there was nothing that grabbed my camera's attention. I had no more intention of entering than I had when I drove by yesterday, I did grab a picture. I'm sure the Center is a wonderful place and well worth the price but a commitment of a significant amount of time is required to justify the $60 general admission.

In the PCC lot I discovered that, although my target (Kaena Point State Park) was almost directly west of PCC, there are no connecting roads and driving to the south then north along the coast is the only way to get there. I also learned that the PCC wasn't nearly as central as I thought. I had a ways to go.

I pulled out of the PCC and continued driving west on the same path I'd driven eastbound yesterday. That included Haleiwa where both the town and the Haleiwa Beach House were now open and busy. I was kind of bummed about retracing all that territory so consoled myself with a drink, but no picture, at the Beach House.

When I ordered that drink, I pretty much considered the drive to the park a flop. But, with nothing else in mind, I continued and reached some new to me roadway not far from Haleiwa.

I had pretty much blown off my hiking plans but reconsidered when I reached the trailhead. It was now past 3:00 and 86°. My prudent -- and lazy -- side won out.

Having taken no photos as I drove north to the park, I stopped for some on the way south. These were taken actually inside the park.

This unusual marker is just outside the park. It had caught my eye as I drove in and I now pulled over to check it out. Viewing the marker and its many decorations didn't answer many questions but a subsequent internet search did. Here are two of the stories I found:
Teen missing
Body identified

These shots came from a couple of spots where I stopped to watch surfers as I continued south.

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