Day 6: March 28, 2017

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Yeah, backing out on that hike yesterday was kind of wimpy but I tried to make up for it. I had more or less decided to tackle Diamond Head in what passes for cool of the morning around here and that was at least part of my reason for skipping the walk at Kaena Point State Park. I was saving myself. Here's a picture taken during the ascent from the bus stop to the parking lot.

Things got increasingly ascentier. The earliest portion was on nice smooth concrete but it was definitely more of a ramp than a walkway. The total distance to the top is 0.8 mile with an elevation change or 560 feet. That means an average slope of about 10.6 degrees which means that some sections must be less that that though I don't remember any. I didn't get a picture of wher the sidewalk ends but I can tell you it was all too soon. Then the path becomes dirt and rock. In spots it is heavily rutted and I'm sure some of that comes from the 3,000 or so pairs of feet that travel it each day. Some, however, looks like erosion caused by heavy rain or rivers of sweat.

Not long after noting the sharp switchbacks in front of me I was on them myself. When I say "not long" I mean distance not time. 1.5 to 2 hours is the recommended time for a "safe and leisurely round trip hike". I took every bit of that and a few ticks more. "Not long" can not be applied to any portion of my climb and I don't recall any of it being leisurely, either. There are a couple tunnels and several set of steps. This set of 99 is the longest and most intimidating. Thank goodness it wasn't a hundred.

Diamond Head's military history includes mounting five artillery batteries for coastal defence. So so views of Honolulu can be had through the narrow slots and really good ones outside. A final set of stairs leads to the summit and yes I did. After a pause.

The return trip wasn't nearly as strenuous but it still took some effort and careful attention to foot placement. In both directions I now and then stepped aside for folks traveling faster than me which was just about everybody. But not only were there people traveling at a "normal" pace but there were several folks actually running up and down the mountain including some who looked old enough to know better.

So I made it up and back and was somewhat pleased with myself with firm plans to take no more steps than absolutely for the rest of the day. I failed. Visiting the Waikiki Brewing Company had always been part of my plan but it just hadn't worked out yet. Today would be the day and I intended to ride the bus to the brewery a little less than a mile away. Then it occurred to me that, it being Tuesday, some friends would be playing Buzztime trivia back in Cincinnati. As I sat with my feet propped up, I half-heartedly checked to see if there were any Buzztime venues nearby. I was surprised to find three in Honolulu with one was just around the corner.

The actual distance was 0.3 mile. I decided I could walk that far, see if it was for real, play one game if it was, then catch the bus. It was real and after informing the gang back home of my find, I learned that all locations were now synchronized on the bigger games and that, in just a couple of hours, with the sun still high in the sky, I could be playing what was normally my last game on a Tuesday with friends who were sipping their last beer of the day.

I don't believe that beer has mysterious feet rejuvenating properties but it does have judgment altering properties. From Rivals, which really does have Buzztime trivia, to the brewery was just a half mile. That didn't seem worthy of a bus ride so I walked. Then I walked back, played an exciting game of Glory Daze, and walked on to my hotel. That means I walked to and from two points 0.8 mile away today. The walk with the brewery at the turn-around was much easier than the one with the volcano crater.

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