Day 7: March 29, 2017
Moving Day

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For my last meal on Oahu, I decided to dine beach-side and that involved an early morning stroll on Kalakaua Avenue. I'd never seen the street so early in the day and it seemed quite deserted. Even the beach, with Duke Kahanamoku silhouetted against it, was relatively empty.

LuLu's, on the second floor, was my destination. Note the ABC Store below it. They're everywhere. One guide said thirty-nine. Another said forty-something. The joke in Honolulu is that, if you want to lose someone, tell them to meet you at the ABC. I was first in the door and grabbed the corner seat at the counter where I enjoyed some great French toast and a great view.

I have nothing more to say about this street musician than there he is and ain't he cool?

I've shown my hotel room but not the building. Here is a shot I took as I approached it for the last time and a shot of my balcony. It's at the top center of the photo with the drapes partially open.

The prearranged shuttle got me to the airport where it was just a short walk to the plane.

I had plans for my first afternoon on Maui and picked up my rental car on arrival. My first target was the Maui Brewing Company brewery. I stopped in at the MBC restaurant in Waikiki but it really is a restaurant with no onsite brewing. This is the production facility in Kihei with eats available through rotating food trucks. It opened last year.

I next headed toward Lahaina for a couple more planned stops. The drive along the coast was quite scenic and yes I did get another red Jeep.

The building where Maui Brewing Company started in 2005 now houses Kohola Brewery. It's been open a little over a year and has a friendly small brewery atmosphere. Besides good beer food is available from rotating vendors and today there was even live music.

The sun was sinking fast as I headed toward my last stop. In the mistaken belief that a fancy brewpub would have a nice deck with an ocean view, I passed several opportunities to pull over and watch the sunset. It turns out the the Maui Brewing Company brewpub has no deck and no view of anything. My attempts to reach water's edge were thwarted by fences and fancy high rises until the sun was already gone. But the place did have a friendly staff and good food and I downed a tasty catch-of-the-day (hebe) sandwich to end my day.

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