Day 9: March 31, 2017
No Particular Place to Go

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I had planned to check out the Haleakala Crater this morning during my last half day with the rental car but I did that yesterday. Therefore, I woke up today with, as Mr. Berry said, no particular place to go. I searched for breakfast recommendations, found a few, and picked one. My pick was Colleen's at the Cannery in Haiku, about ten miles away. I've seen Portuguese sausage on several menus and, while my order was a pretty basic egg centric breakfast, I did try Portuguese sausage for the first time and liked it.

On the way back, I pulled into Hookipa Park. Remember Uncle Gringo who I met on that first morning in Waikiki? Hawaii had its own perfectly good government (although it was a monarchy) that some businessmen overthrew, with the help of the US government, back in 1893. That's what Uncle Gringo's sign was talking about and so is this big yellow sign at the park entrance. I know it's not easy to read in the picture so here's some help: "THIS PROPERTY IS UNDER THE JURISDICTION OF THE LAWFUL HAWAIIAN GOVERNMENT". I don't know anything about the details of the laws being cited or how organized any of this is but their point isn't entirely baseless.

Choosing to ignore, for the moment, all politics and all US led coups, I moved on to watch the surfers. I gotta admit that it looks like an awful lot of fun when they're up but it sure looks like an awful lot of work getting out to those waves.

This is in the town of Paia. It's a pretty cool statue but the flip-flops are the reason I took the picture.

More or less across the street from the statue is Charley's Restaurant & Saloon. The name had come up in my breakfast search and was, in fact, my fallback if Colleen's didn't work out. But I learned more from the website than just another place to get bacon & eggs. I learned that Willie Nelson, who lives on Maui, was a friend of the original owner and that Willie's son, Lukas, performs there on occasion. Then I learned that two of those occasions were tonight and tomorrow.

I popped in for a drink and, although I didn't really expect tickets to be available, I asked and was assured that both nights were sold out. There might be some tickets available at dinner, though. How many, if any, tickets were held back was unknown. There was no procedure for allocation other than letting your waitress know you were interested. So, if you ate dinner there and if there were any spare tickets and if your waitress and her boss liked you, you might be allowed to buy one. That was just too many ifs for me.

I used the car to pick up some supplies and drop them off at the motel before heading to the airport. I had noticed these wind surfers when I drove from the airport on Wednesday and pulled in to take a closer look as I drove back. When filled with wind, a pack of these can look like a mini-balloon festival. Speeds are impressive and riders frequently leave the surface. Of course, it's only for a second then they land with an often audible smack. Sometimes it's the board that makes the smack and sometimes it's the rider. They sound kind of similar.

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