Day 12: April 3, 2017
Hangin' at the Harbor

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This is Lahaina and this is the bus I rode in on. The Maui bus system isn't quite as impressive as the one on Oahu but it's pretty good. The bus that I took back to the motel after dropping off the rental car was late by a bunch. My morning ride to Lahaina was right on time and the return trip would be as well. It's a bargain at two bucks per boarding or four bucks for a day pass. The Wharf is a two floor collection of shops and restaurants which I scooted right through to reach the water.

That brought me directly to the historic Pioneer Inn and an opportunity for breakfast. I took advantage of that opportunity with another pair of macadamia nut pancakes with coconut syrup.

At the south end of Wharf Street, the Old Lahaina Courthouse functions as a museum and gallery. The large Hawaiian flag flew over the courthouse until Hawaii became a US territory when it was lowered in a ceremony on August 12, 1898. A sign on the wall next to the flag tells its story. The last photo shows the view from the second floor balcony.

A rather impressive banyan forest stands behind the court house. It's also rather impressive that I managed to make that first picture appear nearly devoid of humans. The remaining photos are more representative. With just a little effort, people can be seen in the background of the first photo, too. I tried to time the shot so that the nearer folks were behind tree trunks but one lady bested me by dashing past her tree to wave to her friends.

Restaurants, art galleries, jewelry stores, and souvenir shops have replaced the brothels and booze that once awaited sailors from the many whaling ships that stopped at Lahaina. I walked past a lot and stepped into a few.

At some point the line of buildings on the seaward side of the street gave way to a trees sprouting from a wall. That's where I turned around.

The photo-op bench, with accompanying shoes, is in front of Bubba Gump's. I paused here for a beverage but no shrimp.

On the way back to the seaside enterprises near the the old court house, I passed the spot where Kamehameha I built the short lived and underappreciated brick palace for Queen Ka'ahumanu and the lane where the party boats come and go.

Maui resident Mick Fleetwood's cleverly named Fleetwood's on Front Street is on the second floor of this 1916 building. A store and gallery offering, among other things, some of the greatest rock 'n' roll photos ever seen, fills part of the ground floor. Mick's 1930 Austin 7 is on display as are a couple of Steven Tyler's (another Mauian) motorcycles. I'd spoken earlier with the girl taking dinner reservations and learned that the bar opened at 2:00. I walked back around 2:30 intending to have one beer and ended up having three, eating some remarkable crab mac & cheese, and sticking around to watch my pending fortune vanish along with Gonzaga's hopes of a national title.

The game was actually only part of the reason I stayed. It played silently on two large screens at the bar while Daniel Querubin performed everything from The Eagles to Hendrix and did it all extremely well. I took the first picture early on. By the time I left and got the second picture, my view of the stage was pretty much blocked by many heads.

A really big attraction here is sunset dining on the rooftop. I learned from one of the bartenders that on alternate nights the sunset ceremony is performed by a story telling bagpiper and that tonight was one of those nights. Just as I was stepping through the door, I heard the sound of pipes and waited as he came up the walkway. I followed him upstairs where I tried to hear his tales which include an explanation of why the Union Jack is part of Hawaii's flag. It was tempting to stay a little longer but I was straining to hear and would have no decent view of the sunset so I left to catch the next bus.

This is not too far from where I failed to reach water's edge for sunset on my first day on Maui. I returned to catch it the next night but that was the day I drove through Hana and I had plenty of photos to post. None of the sunset pictures made it. So, to make up for leaving Fleetwood's and Lahaina before sunset today, here are a couple of photos from Thursday:
Sunset #1
Sunset #2

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