Day 15: April 6, 2017
My Neighborhood

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I had already decided to basically hang out near the hotel today and seeing "Japanese Gardens" on a map gave me a target. The gardens are contained in the thirty acre Liliuokalani Park.

The park is occupies a small peninsula on Hilo Bay. After walking a short distance into the park, I took a seat at this waterside table to gaze on the bay and the city on the other side. At just about the same time I sat down, a pair of paddle boarders left the shore to my right and headed into the bay. Sometime later a kayak appeared from my left. I watched as the three approached each other and made contact. Whether this was serendipity or a prearranged meeting I have no idea. Either one could be part of an interesting story.

I snapped pictures of some of the birds that came to visit while I sat at the table then added a few more as I continued into the park.

Having these gardens so close to my hotel was pure coincidence but they were exactly what I was hoping for today without even knowing it.

My luck continued when I made a wrong turn and came upon this store/cafe selling fruit paletas (popsicles). I bought a lychee one but ate it before I even thought of a photo. Delicious and refreshing.

Not many hotels have their own museum. It's not huge but displays a sizable collection of artifacts and photographs related to Hawaiian history. One wall is covered with photos and descriptions of Hawaiian firsts like the First Electric Car on the Big Island.

The first picture is of the green space in front of my room that is just out of sight on the balcony on the left. The next picture is of another garden like area directly behind the lobby and the third is obviously of the swimming pool. I ventured out at dusk to get a couple of pictures of the pond filled with giant fish and capture one more shot of Reeds Bay.

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