IL 66 Run Locator map

Day 1
St Louis then Springfield

Day 2
Ghost Bridge & Chevys in Pontiac

Day 3
Home on Fifty-Two

May 16, 2005
I left Historic 66 behind and headed home on US-52. I stopped by the Tippecanoe battle site and checked out a fifty year old watch tower.

May 15, 2005
Today I got to walk down a length of the old route and check out the remnants of a bridge that used to cross Salt Creek. In Pontiac, we got lucky and found the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame and Museum, normally closed on Sundays, open for a car club outing.

May 14, 2005
When Chris learned she couldn't make it, the Cahokia portion of the trip was scratched. Then I learned that Pat & Jennifer were not taking the wide & boring I-70 to St Louis but were heading out on US-40. That didn't sound so bad so I decided to hook up with the Indianapolis group and get in a little Forty on the way to Sixty-Six. My pre-sunrise Cincy to Indy dash was more of a Cincy to Indy splash but it all worked out. We met the bulk of the group at the Luna in Mitchell and had a nice cruise to Springfield.

On the ides of March, I received a message from Pat B, co-moderator of the American Road eGroup, with "IL 66 Run" as the subject. It was an invitation to what Pat called a "nonscripted Illinois Route 66 caravan". Pat and his wife, Jennifer, are planning a Saturday morning expressway dash from Indianapolis to St Louis followed by a more leisurely drive east on Historic US 66. Details are TBD but I hope to at least do the east bound portion with the group. I might get up early and race Pat to St Louis or Chris may go with me and the two of us would head out a day or two earlier and spend some time at the Cahokia mounds and maybe even the mounds at Wickliffe. It'll work out some way.

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