Day 2: June 20, 2013
Moving On East

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I spent the night a few miles west of Pittsburgh and started today's drive by easing toward the city on some back streets. I got the tilted shot of downtown right before I rejoined US-22 and crossed Ohio River. At this point, US-22 shares pavement with US-30 and I-376. This is the route I followed past the hectic bits before squirting out of Steel City through a tunnel on the other side.

As I've noted before, Pennsylvania has some pretty nice scenery even on the divided four-lane but it can be even nicer on two lanes.

I believe I was stopped for construction three times yesterday. This was the only time that happened today in spite of passing several other construction sites. This stop was much longer than any of yesterday's and I actually pushed the 'N' button while waiting. That's the way us drivers of mid-century Mopars shift into neutral.

Back on the four-lane, I drove by the place where they count the earth's rings to see how old it is then rolled on eastward.

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