Day 4: June 22, 2013
And Away We Go

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Today was the day I've been looking forward to for more than three years and dreading for just as long. Starting the Lincoln Highway Association Centennial East Tour properly meant driving into New York City and through the intersection of 42nd Street and Broadway, a.k.a, Times Square. Shortly after 6:00 AM, cars started lining up in front of the hotel. Near 6:30, twenty-some headed off for the big city. The traffic was bad enough but not as bad as I feared.

As we drove through the Lincoln Tunnel, John was literally leaning over backwards to get both heads in front of him into the camera frame. Those heads were mine and Kay Shelton's. Kay is the Lincoln Highway Association President. She had flown to New York specifically to participate in the Times Square launch. None of us actually spotted the small Lincoln Highway sign placed rather high above the intersection but we all considered the sortie a success.

Back in New Jersey, we stopped briefly at the Weehawken overlook where the park gates were not yet opened. Travelers of the first incarnation of the Lincoln Highway crossed the river on a ferry. Ferries operate there today but carry only passengers. We parked near the landing and were eventually joined by tour participants who had chosen to skip the drive into Manhattan.

Kay left us here to await a pre-arranged limo ride to the airport for a flight to San Francisco and the Sunday launch of the west tour. Then she'll fly home to Chicago to start the work week before rejoining the East Tour when it passes nearby on Thursday. That's dedication.

The whole group stopped in Jersey City where I captured John capturing "Lincoln the Mystic".

The Edison Museum at Menlo Park was open and staffed for the group's stop. Renovation of the tower is well underway and is expected to be done by the end of the year.

At Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park we got a nice lunch in a very nice setting. There were even some nice old cars to look over.

We stopped briefly at the Princeton War Memorial, drove across the 1884 Calhoun Street Bridge, and eventually passed through Philadelphia. In Philly we missed a turn or two, encountered construction, and got flagged down and handed a copy of a citation issued by the city's mayor recognizing the LHA centennial. The day ended in Malvern.

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