Day 5: June 23, 2013
A Cityless Day

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The normal motel parking lot may not look like this but ours will for several days to come.

The driving instructions for this sections spoke of "Amish country with its clean, unspoiled rural farming landscape" and "engagingly named town centers". The bridge in the third picture crosses the Susquehanna River. It was built in 1930.

The Haines Shoe House was our lunch stop for the day. I've been here before but still enjoyed the guided tour of the house we got in addition to our box lunch.

Today's schedule included plenty of time for exploring the various Gettysburg area attractions. Of course, with the 150th anniversary of the start of the battle of Gettysburg barely a week away, this is a very popular spot. John and I had both visited Gettysburg before and, as we neared the town, we developed a "plan". We would drive out of town to the visitors center and, if the crowd wasn't too bad, stop and at least see the new movie. If it looked pretty crowded, we would just move on. Crowded it was; with full parking lots. We settled for driving along just a little of the signed driving tour. Cars were thick on the roads and in the parking areas so we stopped only twice. Once was at the Virginia Memorial topped by Robert E. Lee on Traveler. We drove by the small band of reenactors then pulled over at the eye catching Louisiana Memorial.

Our final stop of the day was at Mister Ed's Elephant Museum and Candy Store. The store suffered a major fire in 2010 but has been rebuilt and restocked and the museum area is again fully populated.

The full moon coincided with the moon's closest approach to Earth to produce a "Super Moon". It was a little disappointing that we really couldn't get a good view of the moon sitting directly on the horizon, where it would look largest, but it still looked pretty big before clouds started to cover it.

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