Day 15: July 3, 2013
Presentation Day

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This would be a day of presentations with everything happening inside this building.

First up were William Arick & Jan Shupert-Arick talking about the founders of the original Lincoln Highway Association. Then Daniel Hershberger spoke on "Motror Camping along the Lincoln Highway". Daniel was responsible for the camp area at the Arch. I couldn't really get a photo of Daniel until the lights came up at the end of his presentation so MC Russell Rein is included. Lee Whiteley finished off the morning with a presentation on the Colorado Loop.

Bruce B. Butgereit got the afternoon rolling with "Abraham Lincoln Memorialized". "The History of the New Lincoln Highway Association" was presented by a panel of five who were there and played key roles. In order of appearance, they were Drake Hokanson, Bob Ausberger, Brian Butko, Kevin Patrick, and Joyce Ausberger. A high point for me was getting to meet Drake Hokanson after the presentations. His The Lincoln Highway: Main Street across America was extremely important to the Lincoln Highway in general and to me personally. I read the book prior to my first "intentional" drive on the LH back in 2004, before my 2009 drive to the west coast, and again before starting this trip. Even though a little of the book's information on the current highway is no longer true due to changes in the real world, its history of the road and the association is accurate and insightful and its subtle sense of awe and appreciation always seems just right. The final presentation of the day was Paul Gilger's "Mapping the Lincoln Highway and What it Means for the Future of the LHA".

The evening was filled with the awards banquet. Conference co-chairs were Bob and Lenore Stubblefield. That's Bob at the microphone. After the awards were presented and the birthday cake eaten, we heard a few songs from Cece Otto.

Independence Day Eve ended with fireworks at the Viaero Event Center on the other side of I-80. The hotel parking area was an almost perfect viewing spot.

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