Day 22: July 10, 2013
A Mix of Old & New
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The payout for all sevens is a great view through the windshield.

In Eureka, Nevada, the Keyhole Bar (home of the singing deer) wasn't open but we did get inside the 1880 opera house. Not all of the back stage graffiti was painted over during the 1990s renovation.

Segments of the original Lincoln Highway routing are visible between Eureka and Austin and the straight-ahead views on US-50 are definitely scenic. In Austin, I snapped a picture of Reuel Gridley's store. Then, after lunch at the International Hotel, I grabbed pictures of a couple of other Austin establishments.

At the top of one of the rises east of Austin, the Eldertons got cell phone service long enough to receive a message that their house had been broken into last night. They joined the group for lunch then put the Model A on the fast track to California.

From Austin, we soon turned on to NV-722. Although I've been through here twice and should certainly have taken this alignment one of those times, I didn't so this was my first exposure but it won't be the last. This is a great road. Salt "lakes", like the one in the first picture, are great heat sinks and I could actually feel the temperature of the air increase as we approached. The abandoned Carroll Station is an isolated and quiet place where drivers can relax while their cars huddle in the shade.

From a point very near the top of Carroll Summit, layers of twisting road can be seen descending the western slope. Eastgate Station lies on the level just before NV-722 reaches US-50. The first building pictured is a roadhouse from Lincoln Highway days. The next picture is of the pony express station and the last is of the stagecoach stop nestled between the other two in both space and time.

There's the stump of the old shoe tree then a picture of some of the shoes in one of the two new shoe trees. Note the burn marks on the trunk. The shoes in the last picture are the highest pair I could find today.

Middlegate, where we sated our thirst, is just up the road. The last picture looks down the original Lincoln Highway which passes nearby.

Jeff and Demetria pulled into Sand Mountain while we were there watching motorcycles and ATVs climb the slopes. Jeff declined to make a run with the Truckster and Milton's drive toward the mountain was just a tease.

I stayed at the Overland Hotel on my previous two visits to Fallon, Nevada. I was in posher digs this time but I stopped by the Overland to verify that the traveling porcupine and fisherman Billy Foster were still there. I even got a shot of the illuminated neon sign this time but it was a bit too early to show up well.

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