Day 23: July 11, 2013
Through Donner Pass
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Using the word "little" in describing Reno may be catchy but it's hardly accurate.

I've managed to miss a couple of previous opportunities to visit the National Automobile Museum so I was really looking forward to this. There are plenty of rare cars here and all are nicely presented. The gold plated De Lorean, one of only two sold through an American Express promotion, is in the lobby. A Tucker is one of the cars currently in the work area. Next up is a 1909 Packard and the one-of-a-kind 1937 Airmobile. The Airmobile's other end is here. The 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham is an outstanding example of American mid-century excess. The 1907 Thomas Flyer has been restored to its appearance after winning the 1908 New York to Paris Automobile Race. It's placard is here. The Flyer's equipment included some of that stuff that made lots of money for the Lincoln Highway's Carl Fisher.

Met a trucker named Tucker near Truckee.
Knew at once that our meeting was lucky.
'Cause we wanted a shot
Of the whole bloody lot
And the one that he took was just ducky.

These rails were built a year before those in Tama, Iowa, and served as models for that more famous set. As we looked them over, we were approached by the driver of a truck parked near by. He had a couple of hours to kill and learning something about the rails and the Lincoln Highway was a good way to do part of that. When asked, he said his name was Tucker then offered to take pictures of the group. We accepted.

The abandoned Verdi Casino in Verdi, Nevada, a nearby Lincoln Highway bridge over the Truckee River, and the 1926 Lincoln Highway alignment near Floriston, California.

Lunch was at Jax Truckee Diner in Truckee, California. The 1948 Kuhlman Diner was moved here from Pennsylvania in 1992.

Many name Donner Pass as their favorite Lincoln Highway location. I was impressed but not awed on my 2011 visit. Paul told us very little that I didn't already know as he talked in the little park at the lower end of the bridge. However, I think I absorbed the various layers of transportation history occurring here just a little since 2011 and seeing them today struck me in a way that it hadn't before. There were railroad snow sheds above us and traces of an old Lincoln Highway alignment below. Looking back from above the bridge was quite scenic and the life-saving subway and the road leading to it were clearly visible. Some hikers at one of the tunnel entrances provided scale. Yeah, I guess Donner Pass is one of my favorites, too.

Four paving projects meet at this seam with completion dates stamped in each of them. The two lanes on the left were completed in 1932; One in early March, the other a couple of weeks later. Those on the right were completed in April and May of 1934. The second picture is of some original 1914 pavement we encountered a bit further on. here's your sizing photo.

Though we were not staying at the Delta King, our hotel in Sacramento was close enough for us to get there for one drink before the bar closed.

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