Day 28 July 16, 2013
Re-repaired and Rainy
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Yeah, I probably should have been under that hood at the crack of dawn to beat some of the heat but this was my day off and I wanted to sneak up on it. That involved a slow walk to Westside Lilo's cafe for their $8.99 Route 66 Special. I'd not found much when I looked for nearby auto services on the internet so was kind of surprised to see an automotive repair sign just beyond the cafe. I asked the waitress about it and she told me about John, the mechanic who did all of her repair work. Since John was almost directly across from my motel and had a recommendation, I didn't even try the other place. For better or worse, John turned out to be involved with solving his own transportation problems. He was certainly sympathetic and offered to loan me any tools I might need but he honestly could not tackle my problem just then.

So I finally got serious about the Valiant. I would do what I could until heat or the predicted rain drove me inside. I proceeded to fix the leak in about thirty minutes. The short version of the story is that my ad hoc and far from perfect bending of the replacement fuel line caused undue sideways pressure on the pump outflow connection. By partially disassembling things and scientifically adjusting a bend and a curve and an arc, I was able to improve the approach angle to allow a more secure connection.

With hand cleaner purchased in Kearney, I cleaned up and changed clothes and, while everyone else in town was waiting for the rain, put the top down. I went for a little test drive and simultaneously documented my presence in Seligman by getting pictures in front of Angel's barbershop and the Snow Cap. Although the Snow Cap name can't be read in this picture, I rather like it.

Back at the motel, I put the top up and hung out in the AC for awhile. Then I headed out for dinner. I'd already decided on something pretty close and that decision was reinforced when rain drops started falling almost as soon as I took the first step. I was barely inside the RoadRunner before things cut loose. The old Chevy dealership occupied by the RoadRunner isn't entirely watertight so days like today bring out the plastic sheets. I found a dry spot at the counter and leisurely dined on a panini and a couple of Becks. The worst was over but it was still raining lightly when I walked back to the motel. Seligman is a quiet town when it rains.

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