Day 31 July 19, 2013
Into Oklahoma
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Tired of the same old car and familiar Sixty-Six backgrounds yet? Thought so. I'll just move along... the same old car and a new (to me) background. I've had an onion 'burger at Johnnie's and breakfast at Sid's but I'd never eaten at El Reno's oldest diner, Robert's. El Reno, Oklahoma, is known for onion 'burgers and Robert's has been in operation since 1926. Maybe onion 'burgers were invented here. They're certainly served here and they're certainly good. So is the chili. When owner Ed Graham learned this was my first visit (It's not too tough to figure out.) he served up a sample of some of the most flavorful and meatiest chili I've had. I wasn't quite as enthralled with the cabbage/slaw but that's just me. At Robert's, slaw dogs seemed to be just about as popular as onion 'burgers

Has anyone who doesn't live in Arcadia ever driven by the round barn without taking a picture?

The Skyliner is the motel usually recommended by Route 66 folks for Stroud, Oklahoma. It's clean and reasonably maintained with fair prices. My room is here.

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