Day 35: July 23, 2013
Home, Home in the Rain
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The drive to Cincinnati was just as uneventful as I thought it would be. It's hardly worthy of being included in a road trip but, since I didn't wrap things up yesterday, here it is. I stayed with US-60 to Louisville where I naively thought I might just run into US-42 and follow it home. I could have planned this much better as there was no automatic US-42 connection and I stuck with US-60 much longer than I should have. I finally turned north and headed home on I-71. Just as well, I suppose, since I-71 provides the pop-up skyline view of Cincinnati that I like so much. With overcast sky and plenty of traffic, this isn't a particularly flattering picture but the view is still dramatic and welcoming.

On the other side of the river things became a little more dramatic and a little less welcoming. First off, as I passed through downtown Cincinnati on Fort Washington Way, I heard a loud crack and eventually located a chip in the lower part of the windshield right in front of me. Then, not long after I'd cleared the heart of downtown, the rain hit. It was heavy and continued all the way home. In the photo, the chip can be seen just above the stretched and about to run water drop toward the bottom.

At least the top was up and I managed to roll up the driver side windows rather quickly. I never did get the right rear window closed but did get to the front one during one of the stops brought on by congestion. Of course, even with all the windows closed the Valiant is not exactly water tight. As I pulled into my garage, even the driver was water cooled.

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