Day 7: June 25, 2015
Getting Educated

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Thursday was presentation day. I caught Russell S. Rein and Robert Casey looking at their notes. Russell played a major role in organizing the conference and handled today's MC duties. Robert delivered a very nice presentation on Henry B Joy's 1915 trip entitled Three Men, Twelve Cylinders, and 2800 Miles on the Lincoln Highway. The three speakers I snapped not looking down are Brad Fuller, Henry B. Joy's great-grandson and a man with a plan for a movie, Steven Stanford who delivered Albert Kahn: Henry Ford's Architect, and Michael W. R. Davis whose talk was entitled Arsenal of Democracy: The Auto Industry's Role in Defeating the Axis in World War II.

The presentations were followed by a buffet lunch and the buffet lunch was accompanied by a fashion show. The fashion show was actually a history lesson titled Fashion and the Automobile. The show included professional models but much of the promenading was stylishly executed by ladies of the LHA and the road's namesake made an appearance as well.

The buses made one last appearance in the afternoon to carry us to a pair of University of Michigan libraries with considerable Lincoln Highway related material. Our first stop was the Bentley Historical Library where, after a couple of presentations on how to find out what was at the library and how to arrange access to it, we were allowed to look over the tables filled with history. Henry B. Joy's scrapbook from his 1915 trip to San Francisco was on display and so were several drawings from Jan Jensen, the landscape architect for the Ideal Section and other highway areas.

Our next and final bus stop was at the Hatcher Library. Original Lincoln Highway Proclamation broadsides (donated by Russell Rein) were on display with a slide show of some of the library's many digitized images playing behind them. Much like the Bentley, the Hatcher had prepared a history buffet for us, too.

The LHA banquet ended the day but I took no pictures. I just enjoyed the meal and the presentations. Jim Cassler gave a presentation on next year's conference. It was an open secret that it will take place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Because Pennsylvania has no active LHA chapter, the Ohio chapter will host the event. A better kept secret was the possibility of a post-conference tour of the National Road. I had first heard of this a day before and I was skeptical. What would the LHA faithful think of a an event on another road being associated with the conference. When Route 66 was mentioned as a tour ending path back to the Lincoln Highway, my skepticism increased. My skepticism is rapidly vanishing, however. The idea of a tour was enthusiastically received and the idea of doing it on another historic road was welcomed. There were not even any protests on the possibility of including Route 66. I think it's a go.

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