Day 9: June 27, 2015
And a Wet Finish

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There was a wet world outside my motel window on Saturday morning.

The plan had been to line up all the Packards in the tour in front of the Lodge as a super background for a group portrait but the rain caused a rethink. A few of the tour cars were pulled into the Engineering Building and mixed in with those already there. Per usual, some shuffling and cajoling were required but all the smiling faces were eventually captured.

I did not get pictures of every car as it left the Proving Grounds but I think I got the majority. Unedited copies of all the departure pictures I took are available here. The few I've posted at right are of folks I know and recognized.

Chuck and Nora Elderton were among the folks I wanted to say hi to but, though I'd seen their Model A earlier, I somehow missed connecting with them. So I waved as they passed but I doubt they recognized the soggy guy standing in the middle of the road. Next it's Mike Curtis and Sharon Stover in the 1972 Monte Carlo they drove to Kearney, Nebraska, in 2013. They'll get the rest of the Lincoln this year. Tour guide Paul Gilger is close behind in his 2012 Mustang. Jim Peters' 2004 Subaru, QT Freytag's 1949 Packard, and Bob Lichty's 1968 Lincoln round out the panel. Milton and Carolee Wheeler are also in that Lincoln as their Packard was further delayed by a blowout on the carrier. (That was the last of the delays and both the Packard and its 1933 Pierce-Arrow traveling companion were waiting in South Bend, Indiana, at the end of the day.)

It seems I'd thought of eating at Pete's Garage sometime it the past since it was tagged in my GPS. It's about a mile off of the Dixie Highway in Monroe, Michigan. I guess it didn't work out that time but it was a perfect lunch stop today. The big draw is the decor and seating (which includes a '55 Ford, '54 Chevy, and a couple of '57s) but they also have a nice beer selection and turn out a pretty decent 'burger.

The rain had all but stopped when I entered Pete's but it returned with a vengeance soon after I left. It continued long after I went to roost in Findlay, Ohio. Yes, after this somewhat rain shortened day, I spent another getting home but all I did was put the top down and visit breweries. The journal ends here.

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