Lincoln Highway Conference 2017

Prelude - Apr 28, 2017
So many roads and so little time. Not only isn't there enough time to drive them all, there isn't enough time to attend all the events associated with them. As I write this, the 2017 Jefferson Highway Association conference is taking place in Denison, Texas. Last weekend the inaugural Neonfest, an event related to Historic Route 66, took place in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Despite wanting to go to both, I went to neither. I felt that my time and dollar budgets would be sufficiently stressed by the Hawaii trip ending earlier in the month. Last year an even more solid conflict occurred with the 2016 Lincoln Highway Association Conference overlapping my drive to Alaska. I don't know what next year or even the rest of this year holds but I do know that I won't be attending every highway related event I'd like to.

At the moment, though, I've started to catch my breath and can see that the bank account, despite taking an unusually severe beating, will survive. So today I filled out my registration for the 2017 Lincoln Highway Association Conference scheduled for June in Denison, Iowa.

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