Day 3: July 3, 2008
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The place with the cornfield behind it is the Soudersburg Motel. It's no longer owned by the founding Stauffer family but the resident managers do seem to care about the place. The inside of that room with a view is here. Across the street is a veritable Amish Shopping Mall that includes a restaurant whose breakfast buffet has a very good reputation. Today, however, I ate breakfast down the road at Jennie's, a fixture on US-30 since the fifties.

In Lancaster, I had a beer at the Conestoga Bar & Restaurant while I loaded the right maps into the GPS. Forgetting to do that at the motel is just one of many goofs I haven't told you about. The place was built in 1789 and now includes a large deck overlooking the Conestoga River. Looks pretty good for pushing 220, doesn't it?

The Haines Shoe House has been repainted since my 2004 stop and today I was able to get inside. The owner was there with her children (not too many) and she knew just what to do. With the youngest in her arms, she gave me a tour of the five level interior. No pictures are allowed inside but I can tell you the place looked as comfortable as an old shoe. After the tour and some ice cream, I walked out on the bridge that crosses the US-30 bypass to show just how close the house and road are. The original US-30 passes a bit over two miles south.

Yep, that sign might look familiar. I've been here before. Eaten here, in fact. But today it was just a short break for a lager. There is some sort of construction going on in downtown Gettysburg so I didn't even stop at the square. The Brewing Company is on the west side of town.

Ellie used to live right up the road from me in Kings Island Amusement Park. She told me that herself just after she scared the bejesus out of me and I knew she was going to talk. Ellie Phunt now lives at Mister Ed's with a bunch of other elephants of all sizes. There's a lot of candy and souvenirs and roasted peanuts here, too.

Mister Ed's going to be in a movie! Actually, Ed's already in the movie and the movie is set to premiere in Gettysburg in September. Learn about the movie and the theater and plan to attend if you can. Proceeds from the premiere will benefit the Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor.

In 2004, when the painted pumps were new, I missed this one in McConnellsburg (actually missed McConnellsburg) so am catching up today. Downtown appears pretty active with a lot of restored old buildings and looks like a good place to spend some time some day.

I stopped at the top of Sideling Hill for these pictures. The first shows where I was going and the second shows where I'd been.

Three familiar places with new twists. At what I've called "my favorite gas station", it was new-to-me Justin who stepped up to the car. He says he's been working there about two years and he also told me about his '71 white Corvette while he refueled mine.

I've stopped and photographed the Lincoln Motor Court before but this is the first time I'm spending the night. I sat outside for awhile between periods of rain but my time was short and I believe the other guests just stayed inside.

Dinner was at the Jean Bonnet Tavern. I've photographed the place and even had a beer here once but this was my first meal. Delicious!

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