Day 6: July 6, 2008
Bridges, Bomb, Bowl
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This is the McClure House where I stayed last night. Peek inside here. I had some vague negative ideas about the place but was actually quite pleased. I found no website for the McClure and not much information on line at all. I did find references to a foreclosure in 2005 and that may be where those negative feelings came from. In any case, I found little to complain about.

There was a wedding reception in the ballroom which was fairly close to my room. It was sometimes a bit loud and I guess I could have complained about that but I know that I was assigned this room only after the clerk had checked other floors and I was in a festive mood anyway. I don't know if it was actually the first song played but the first song I heard was "YMCA". Could that have been the couple's first dance or the groom's ceremonial dance with his new mother-in-law? Best wishes, Phill & Adel.

I did get to leave town on the old suspension bridge.

The short version of a long story about this marker is that a guy named Chris found some pictures of the Blaine Bridge that show a mile marker built into the bridge and a gal named Sue said she knew where it was and helped me find it on my third try.

This is even more embarrassing than my bumbling hunt for the Blaine Bridge mile marker. This marker once stood at the site of the 1825 groundbreaking for the start of National Road construction in Ohio. Now it stands front and center at the Belnont County courthouse and has since 1964. Although I could not find any pictures, I almost have to believe that I've photographed the courthouse at some point. Maybe not. I sure didn't know this puppy was here.

The road was blocked in Cambridge and people stood outside their homes looking toward downtown. I asked one of those lookers what was happening and was told "Someone's in the post office with a bomb." The pictures were taken after I was detoured around the blocked off area so are facing east. There was indeed a bomb threat but it proved false and was resolved rather quickly. A report said the man was brought out of the building "a few minutes after 12". These photos were taken at 12:03.

As Yoggi says, "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." I did that twice on the Zanesville bridge turning right both times. In between was a stop at a very busy Tom's Ice Cream Bowl.

From Zanesville, I took US-22 home stopping briefly at the Next To Last Honky Tonk in Circleville. Mary's, the Last Honky Tonk in Circleville, was closed.

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