Day 7: June 27, 2010
One More Basket
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Two pair could be a decent hand. I headed south on US-41 & US-52.

The theater and elevator are in Fowler; the bit of old Fifty-Two and the peacewagen are in Templeton. The wind farm is somewhere in between. There are lots of them in these parts.

I remembered a diner somewhere east of Lafayette and, even though I had no idea if it was still open, was thinking about a late breakfast there. But, when I saw the Dog 'n' Suds sign, my mind instantly and automatically switched from late breakfast to early lunch. I pulled in and ordered up my third 'burger basket in four days. This one came with a frosty mug of wonderful root beer. I ever-so-slightly prefer A & W but this stuff is awfully good. "Any way you go, you can't go wrong eating at DOGnSUDS"

Just under eight miles (If you don't hit a construction detour like I did.) south of the Dog 'n' Suds is where the first successful caesarian section in Indiana took place. Mr Lucas's 130th birthday is coming up later this year. Please, no gifts.

Here's the diner I was thinking of and it's open. However, it wasn't just a few months ago. My waitress told me it was closed for about three years and was reopened twelve weeks ago by a couple who both have mothers named Flo. I was still digesting that last 'burger basket but did manage a piece of apple pie and an iced tea. A sign board with hand written daily specials is a good indicator that stopping back for a meal would be a good idea. There is an operating $29.95 & up motel behind the 1954 Mountain View and a gas station looking building (with an empty pump island) next to it. I'm betting this was a popular one-stop a few decades back.

US-52 dumps on to I-65 near Lebanon and stays on expressways until east of Indianapolis. My next picture gathering occurred in Metamora. The first couple of shots are of what is believed to be the last operating covered wooden aqueduct in the United States. The stern of the canal boat Ben Franklin III can be seen in the distance of the first picture. From the aqueduct, I walked to the mill on the west side of town.

There was plenty of water to operate the mill today. I went inside to see where the stone was turning and where the shaft from the water wheel enters the building. The temperature was near 90 so stopping at the Smelly Gourmet in the 1845 Jonathan Banes House seemed like a good idea. Steve fixed me up with his personal favorite raspberry & vanilla iced drink to keep me from overheating. Drinks served by a guy in a top hat always taste just a little better.

I walked over to where the Ben Franklin III was now tied with thoughts of taking a ride. And I could have, too. I was there about five minutes before the day's last scheduled run but there were no other passengers. The crew offered to take me out if desired but I couldn't see making two horses and at least three men work for just not-so-little ol' me. Especially since I live barely an hour away. So my last shot of Metamora is, like the first, of the Duck Creek Aqueduct except this one shows the team heading home after a hot day's work.

US-52 remains two-lane and scenic for several miles as it winds along the Whitewater River but it eventually moves onto I-74. That's when I moved on home.

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