Day 13: June 21, 2011
Car 83, Road 97, Fun 100.
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Yes, as matter of fact, this is a bus stop. All aboard and away we go.

Each of the three tour buses had a guide who pointed out lots of scenic and historic spots along the way. There were many but pictures shot from a moving bus are usually blurry, out of focus, or both. here's one that's both but I've posted it anyway. At one point, there was a single lane of traffic because of construction. I was on the left side of the bus as it passed the construction on the left side of the road. That let me point the camera almost straight down the 1000 foot drop from the added height of a big bus.

Our first stop was at Echo Summit Lodge. It is one of two lodges owned and operated by the California Alpine Club. I thought the view from 7,365 feet was pretty good but others sought to improve on it. John Hannum (a.k.a. Echo John) told us some of the history of the lodge and the road leading to it.

A fleet of Ford Model As from the Hangtown As was waiting for us when we reached Clarksville, a former Pony Express station and Lincoln Highway community and current ghost town. Instructions were to go forward until you found a full car then go back one. That worked just fine and I was soon seated in a beautiful 1928 "leather back" with Dave at the wheel and a couple of young flappers in the back. While Dave did the driving, I occasionally checked the rear for revenuers or angry brothers. Dave said another name for this model is "blind back" because of its limited rearward visibility.

The current US 50 chops through the old Lincoln at Clarksville. The longest stretch of original 1914 LH pavement in California is just on the other side of the four-lane and we crossed over. Being driven over the 97 year old pavement in an 83 year old car was certainly exciting and it made for some "when was this photo taken?" moments. I drove this section in 2009 but I started at the opposite end and had to turn around at a closed gate. No such problem today.

Back in Clarksville, I got some better shots of the 1928 Ford including a look inside and a rear view that shows the cause for the "blind back" nickname more clearly. When we left, the beautiful Fords were all lined up and ready for the next group to arrive.

Lunch was some very tasty BBQ at the Elks and they even had the bar open.

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