Day 7: June 22, 2012
Awesome Sky
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This was the final day of the conference and it was a very short one. The only scheduled activity, other than a post-conference National Road tour, was the general membership meeting. New officers were introduced and several people made "announcement" or "something to think about" presentations but nothing triggered discussions of great length. The meeting was over in about an hour.

I finished packing, checked out, and hit the road. The sky was so awesome that I just wanted to drive right into it. Looks like I found a road that does just that.

Actually, the road (US-62) goes just close enough to David Wickline's Roadhouse 66 to tease me into a visit. Dave was there so we somewhat caught up with each other and I indulged in an old Cincinnati beer Dave had recently talked about on Facebook. I also got a peek at Dave's new ride. It's a soft-topped silver thing that goes like stink.

My plans were to take US-62 to US-22 and US-22 home. I made it through a construction detour in Columbus but managed to get lost soon after. I came upon US-23 while looking for 62 and decided that was close enough. I followed Twenty-Three to a place officially named "Wits End" that has a big "Mary's Saloon" sign out front and which we all know as "The Last Honky Tonk in Circleville".

From there it was US-22 all the way home through glorious weather under that awesome sky.

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