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For some reason I decided to drive this old alignment (Pioneer Way) about eight miles west of Fallon. Much of it was rather badly washboarded. August 25,1999
When I pulled up to the Dew Drop Inn, a pair of motorcycles were parked under the canopy as their riders took photographs of them and each other. I pulled over to wait my turn and chatted briefly, comparing road notes, with the riders before they departed. More bikes approached as I pulled away. This place is a true Route 66 super star.

Virginia City was never on the Lincoln Highway but I spontaneously opted for an eight mile side trip to see the place. That first picture is of the 1875 Fourth Ward School at the south edge of town. It's now a museum but was not yet open when I drove by. There are real wooden sidewalks in downtown and, behind the clothing boutiques and antique stores, there's some real history, too. That last picture may look like any parking lot but it's the former home of where I had lunch yesterday. OK, to be precise, it's the former home of some of the boards in the walls of the place where I drank a beer yesterday. This is where the International Hotel that was carted away to Austin once stood.

The capitol of Nevada sits right on the Lincoln Highway but it's not easy to see.

I've heard about the beauty of Lake Tahoe so much that I half expected to be disappointed. I wasn't. The first picture is an attempt to capture my first glimpse of the lake. The others were take from more stationary positions.

I first drove through the tunnel at Cave Rock then stopped at the boat launch/underlook then drove back to an overlook to photograph the east side. That's the sequence the pictures are shown in which means they're not in proper geographic sequence. Before the tunnels were there, the road hung on the side of the rock.

These places aren't on the LH but they're close and they are on US-50. I first stopped at the brewery for some research and asked about motels while I was there. The bartender said that many people had been in while staying next door and she hadn't "heard anyone complain and they were decent looking people, too". I walked next door and booked a room for $35 plus tax. The only negative might be the lack of AC but it wasn't missed today and there is a very nice looking pool.

I sometimes rate rooms based on my perception of what some roadie friends from Indianapolis might do. A 'P' rating means Pat would stay there if traveling alone. A 'PJ' is a place they would stay if traveling together and a 'J' means Jennifer would have no qualms about staying there by herself. Last night's room at the Overland was a 'P'. This is a definite 'J' and having a brewery, with both good brew & good food, barely a few yards away is just the frosting on the ale.

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